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DIY Tuning Solutions


  • Piggy-Back Injector Pulse Width Control

    Given any injector pulse width input our technology can extend or shorten the actual firing pulse width of the injector. Most used applications are for gasoline, but our technology can easily be used for water, hydrogen, etc. Our controllers do only deal with high impedance injectors. The controllers are limited to 4 channels for sequential firing systems, but can run 8 injectors for batch firing systems. Three base zones are available to define different adjustments along with a global adjustment. Read more

  • Voltage Controls / Sensor Manipulations

    Our technology can integrate with any 0 to 5 volt signal to either offset the voltage up and down or clamp the voltage at a specified level. Looking to trim a sensor input signal so the stock ECU will make timing or fuel adjustments then here you go. Other common applications are voltage map clamps so again the stock ECU is affecting its outputs. Our controllers are capable of handling 1 or 2 voltage controls and each can also be controlled by an injector signal, on-off switch, etc. Read more

  • Voltage Generation

    The DIY controllers can generate 1 or 2 different 0 to 5 volt signals. Make it simple and create a basic fixed output voltage or make a complex sine wave from 4 different adjustment values. The output voltages can also be restricted by on-off parameters related to injector signals or other inputs. Read more

  • Fire Additional Injectors - POWERJET Feature

    What if your stock injectors just can't supply enough fuel on the top end? Our Powerjet feature is capable of firing 1 or 2 additional injectors in series controlled by an injector signal or boost reference. Again we are just not restricted to gasoline, but any injectable substance. Inject some water at high temperatures to cool off your system. Read more

  • Boost Referenced Fueling - Turbochargers and Superchargers

    Horsepower is king in a number of industries and the easiest way to get there can be by adding a turbocharger or supercharger. Our controller is capable of controlling the injector pulse width in relation to a boost reference. Keep it simple by defining only 4 adjustments that you need X amount of fuel at a starting PSI and then need a Y amount of fuel at a max PSI. Built in mathematics handle the rest, but our technology doesn't stop there. Our boost controller is capable of becoming 4-dimensional for adjustments. Boost reference can be kept to a 15psi on-board sensor or can be any external sensor supplying a 0-5 volt signal for reference to a PSI level. Read more

  • Nitrous Control

    What to add that little red button to your ride? Now how about adding some safety features though to only fire above a certain rpm. Maybe you are drag racing and want it to fire the nitrous all the time at a certain rpm. Our controller can fire your nitrous solenoid at specified intervals and can also be set to add additional fuel along with your nitrous spray. Read more

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